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Markent Personnel Inc. is your partner in recruiting manufacturing professional and identifying the key talent your company needs. Let us provide you with an intuitive search experience today.

We can provide you with a multitude of services which enable us to customize a search or staffing solution for your individual needs. These services include the following: Retained and Contingency Search and Contract Staffing.

Retained Search: Assignments are generally reserved for rush or extremely sensitive assignments and requires a partial advanced payment that gives priority to your assignment. The full payment is contingent upon placement.

Contingency Search: Payment of a search fee is “contingent” on the hiring of a referred candidate. Based on your requirements, we conduct an in-depth search but only receive payment when we produce a hire.

Contract Staffing: Allows you to bring in professional-level employees for a specific length of time or for a specific project. Top Echelon Contracting, Inc. allows us to supply our client companies with top-notch professionals for a specific length of time or for a specific project. The contractor is the employee of our contracting division, freeing our client from administrative problems, tax and workers’ compensation issues, payroll, and unemployment liabilities.

At Markent Personnel, Inc. we are dedicated to the recruitment and placement of manufacturing professionals across the United States. We have learned that each search assignment is unique, and customize our recruitment efforts and services to meet your needs. Additionally, our years of experience have taught us to break down the search process into 3 primary steps:

  1. Defining Your Search & Candidate Presentation
  2. Interview Process
  3. Selection & Offer Process

What Markent Personnel Offers

We are a national executive search firm, with our focus narrowed to professionals working in manufacturing and process companies. This gives Markent Personnel an edge that serves you well – we study the competition and know companies and candidates within those companies from which we can recruit. We network within manufacturing sectors and also engineering, plant management and other focused groups dedicated to America’s industry. We also have extensive interaction with major university alumni organizations.  We use other recruitment tools and social networking that help us cast a larger search area where passive candidates are interacting. However, the greatest resource that Markent Personnel offers is a database that has been years in the making for over 30 years of manufacturing professionals to contact and network within.

Markent Personnel is an independently owned, mid size professional search firm. We have the ability to respond quickly and with great sensitivity to our clients needs, but we can also tap into our Top Echelon Network (the nation’s largest network of staffing professionals) giving us further access to thousands of additional candidates, contacts and resources.

Markent Personnel realizes that the nature of both active and passive job seeking is rapidly changing as professional online networking tools and e-recruitment sites flourish. Markent Personnel offers several online resources for our candidates, including access to a free, national job board, career improvement and search articles, links to relocation and salary calculators, and more. Markent Personnel recruitment team works to stay involved and participate in many online networking sites, blogs and other online communities – keeping in touch and gaining access to the professionals you seek.

We take great pride in continually perfecting all details that go into each of these steps, never losing sight of the end goal: our client hiring the best possible candidate and the candidate excited about what they are accepting. From beginning to end, our experienced account managers and recruiters will coach and manage process details, client and candidate expectations, and facilitate communication throughout the search, offer and hiring process. This is just a part of the difference Markent Personnel will provide in your recruitment of manufacturing professionals.


Our Process – Steps to a Successful Search

Step One – Defining Your Search & Candidate Presentation:

  1. Our professional recruiters will work with you to define the description of the job and the skills, core competencies and experience required in the candidate.
  2. We handle all of our searches with a measure of confidentiality. This applies both to client and candidate:
    1. Our standard approach with candidates is that we do not tell them the name of the hiring organization until they express interest in the position and we have conducted a preliminary screening.
    2. With many of our candidates being “passive seekers”, they are currently employed, and confidentiality is required on our client’s part to ensure the candidate’s current employment is not jeopardized. There may be certain searches where the initial candidate presentation will be in a blind format due to a high need of confidentiality on the candidate’s part. In this situation, your Professional Recruiter will discuss further details with you at that time.
    3. If you are running a confidential search, your Professional Recruiter will discuss the best way to handle this search, and when in the recruitment process we will be able to disclose your company name to our candidate. In a confidential search, no candidate will know your organization’s identity until a mutual interest has been expressed.
  3. After we make a presentation of a candidate on an open search, we expect feedback within 48 hours. In today’s competitive market, talented candidates are in demand – and often they do not stay in their career search long. Timely feedback from you at all stages will be required to maintain our candidate’s interest in your open position and your organization.
  4. With any candidate presentation, we consider ourselves the referring source based on the date/time stamp of when the resume was emailed to you.
  5. Should your position be filled internally, through another source, or should the position opening be cancelled or the urgency and/or timeline be changed in any way, you will immediately notify us of the change in status.

Step Two – The Interview Process:

  1. Once you decide to interview a particular candidate, the interview cycle needs to be started in a timely manner. Remember that delays now will increase the chances that the candidate will no longer be available.
  2. In our pre-screening process, all of our candidates are thoroughly interviewed and evaluated. As a result of our interview process, candidates regularly receive coaching and input from us to compete successfully during their interviewing and to close their interviews competitively. We prepare our candidates for every client interview. In that preparation we cover all the basic details, and we will discuss exactly what we have discussed with you concerning their past and future compensation packages. We never divulge any confidential information or key decision points for your interview process.
  3. We will do the legwork and communication between you and our candidate to schedule the necessary interviews and provide directions and assistance if needed for face to face interviews.
  4. You, as the hiring organization, are responsible for covering the cost incurred in travel and accommodations for any in-person interviews you conduct. The payment or reimbursement method is your choice, but your Professional Recruiter will need to know your preferred method up front, in order to communicate this to candidates.
  5. Once a candidate has completed an interview with anyone at your organization, feedback from your organization is desired within 24 hours. We also require the ability to obtain interview and presentation feedback from the manager who will be making the final decision. This is a critical part of our mutual success in the recruitment and placement process.

Step Three – The Selection & Offer Process:

  1. Upon making a hiring decision about a Markent Personnel candidate, we request that it be made immediately following the final interview and be offered through your Professional Recruiter.  All discussions regarding compensation structure and benefits should first be discussed with your Professional Recruiter who has the relationship with the candidate.
  2. Any candidate you make an offer to will have had references checked by our team, should you request it, and if you desire, academic degrees verified. Still, Markent Personnel cannot be held liable for any decision you make based on the candidate references we check. It is your responsibility to double or re-check any and all references before making any decisions on them. We will provide you all the information necessary to do that successfully for the references we have checked. We do not do criminal background checks; this is the hiring organization’s responsibility.

Markent Personnel, Inc. is an executive search firm, and we are always looking for talented candidates for our open client searches. Be assured that we do not work with a candidate we placed with a client unless we have a written release from our client. We also never recruit or solicit employees from any of our active clients. It has occasionally happened that one of your employees will come to us asking us to help them in their career search. If that were to happen, we will confidentially work with that candidate, unless you have specifically told us that you do not want us to work with any of your employees, but again, we do not recruit or solicit employees – directly or indirectly – from any of our clients.